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About Dr. Fish


Don Miller, aka Dr. Fish, is the owner of Crystal Coves Aquariums. Don grew up in Iowa and started his advernture in fish & aquariums at the age of 12 years old. Don quickly became a self-made expert by studying all aspects of aquariums, marine life, and freshwater life.

Over the past 30 years, Don has worked withing all aspects of aquariums including:

Don now channels all of his energy into growing Crystal Coves Aquariums as the preferred choice of in-home/in-office aquarium services. Don truly enjoys helping others enjoy their aquatic environments and loves teaching others, young & old, all about the rewards of owning aquariums.

Don is very personable and prides himself on providing excellent customer service. His dedication to his customers and to aquatic life are two of the main reasons why customers of Crystal Coves Aquariums happily refer their family & friends to Don -- Dr. Fish.

When Don isn't visiting his customers or educating others, he enjoys time with his wife, daughter, and two grandkids. Don is an avid bowler and has lived in Arizona for over 15 years.



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